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Set Account Status

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Set Account Details

POST https://api.maileon.com/partner/newsletter-accounts/{newsletterAccountId}/status

Description: This resource sets the status o an account to active, deleted or blocked and can be used to de-/activate accounts.

Path Parameter:
– newsletterAccountId: int // the id of the newsletter account

– key: apikey
– status: The new status, can be one of
o “active”
o “deleted”
o “blocked”
If setting to “blocked”, users cannot log in anymore, all API requests will be ignored and account jobs will not be executed any longer. If setting to “deleted”, additionally to blocked restrictions, all marketing automations will be stopped, as well.

– name: string // name of the newsletter account
– new_status: string // The newly set status
– id: int // ID of the newsletter account


"name": "Example Account",
"new_status": "blocked",
"id": 7997