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Welcome Developer

Read our technical documentations, learn how to connect your system to Maileon by using the API and more. Here you will find code samples, tutorials, tools and help for developers to integrate Maileon efficiently and easy into your own applications.

Please note that this portal is currently not complete as work on the API continues and new releases are published regularly. We suggest you check this documentation before you start working with the API or make changes to your existing API connection as ressources and methods may have changed.

NOTE: Please use the developers pages in english or german, if errors occur in your local language. You can change the current language settings in our Footer Dropdown Menu.



Rest API v1.0
API Clients
Webhooks – Incoming
Webhooks – Outgoing
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Change Log

WordPress Plugin – Shorttag-Configuration
Get Subscribers
API Clients
Get Clicks
Rest API v1.0
Get Opens
Mailing – Get Mailing Domain
Get Mailing Blacklists for Mailing
Add Mailing Blacklist to Mailing
Delete Mailing Blacklist from Mailing