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Delete Unsubscription-Marker

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This resource removes the unsubscriber marker for a given email address. If the marker is removed, “synchronize contatcs” will again reimport the contact, even if “reimport_unsubscribed_contacts” is set to false.
Please note: this will not recover any contact object, i.e. if a contact unsubscribed, it gets anonymized. If this method is used, the contact will not be restored an deanonymized, this is not possible. The contact needs to be recreated with all data using the API. Also, entries in unsubscriber report will not be removed as they are seen as “legal documentation” and must not be modifiable.

DELETE /contacts/email/:email/unsubscription


DELETE https://api.maileon.com/1.0/contacts/email/max.mustermann%40xqueue.com/unsubscription
Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

200 OK

Response Codes

HTTP status code Description
200 OK Found an unsubscription marker and removed it
400 Bad Request Invalid email address
404 Not Found No unsubscription marker found