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Save CMS2 Mailing to Media Library

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Saves a CMS2 mailing as a template in the media library for later access.

POST https://api.maileon.com/1.0/mailings/:mailingId/cms2/contents

Path Parameters

Name Description
mailingId The ID of the mailing

Query Parameters

Name Default Description
templatePath The path, the template will be placed inside the media library in the form path/templateName

Limitation: The max depth of the folder tree is 3, followed by the filename.
Special case: Since default folder name is internationalized depending on the language, it has always to be written as „default folder“ in the foldersPath query parameter.

removeTemplateLanguageMarkup Defines if the  Maileon Markup Language should be removed from the template or not. If set to „true“, the resulting HTML will be plain HTML and can be edited freely. However, if this template is used within another mailing, the contents will not be draggable as for example the article markers will have been deleted. If set to „false“, the template can be used to create newsletters with all CMS2 features.


POST https://api.maileon.com/1.0/mailings/241/cms2/contents?removeTemplateLanguageMarkup=false&templatePath=default%20folder%2FMy%20Example
Authorization: Basic: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Status: 200 OK
Content-Type: application/vnd.maileon.api+xml
<template_path>default folder/My Example_17</template_path>