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Create Mailing

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Creates a regular mailing and returns its id. The created mailing will include all the default settings of the account such as the default template, the default mailing list (target group), sender address etc …

POST https://api.maileon.com/1.0/mailings


Parameter Default Description
name Name of the mailing. The name must be unique within the account. The name length must be in the range from 3 to 64 and should only contain alphanumeric characters or spaces.
subject The subject of the mailing. The length of the subject must not exceed 1023 characters. The subject is not allowed to be empty. ISO Control characters are forbidden in the subject.
type regular The type of the mailing. Can be one of ‘doi’, ‘trigger’ and ‘regular’.
editorVersion The version of the CMS to create the mailing for. Can be ‘1’ or ‘v1’ for CMS1 or ‘2’ or ‘v2’ for CMS2. If no value is given and CMS2 is active, the mailing will be created for CMS2.


POST https://api.maileon.com/1.0/mailings?name=my+mailing&subject=my+subject
Content-Type: application/vnd.maileon.api+xml; charset=utf-8

Status: 201 OK
Content-Type: application/vnd.maileon.api+xml; charset=utf-8