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Create Contact Preference

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This method creates a contact preference under a given contact preference category. Please note, that there is a maximum number of preferences in a category of 20.


POST https://api.maileon.com/1.0/contacts/preference_categories/:categoryName/preferences

Content-Type: application/vnd.maileon.api+xml; charset=utf-8

Path Parameter

Name Description
categoryName The name of the contact preference category.


The root element must be named preference

Name Description
name The name of the contact preference. Must not exceed 255 characters.
description The description. Must noch exceed 255 characters.


POST https://api.maileon.com/1.0/contacts/preference_categories/Development/preferences
Authorization: Basic: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 
Content-Type: application/vnd.maileon.api+xml; charset=utf-8
    <description>News about Shopware development</description>

Status: 201 Created


HTTP status code Description
201 Created Preference created successfully
400 Bad Request If there was an error in the submitted body or the maximum amount of preferences in a category has been exceeded.
404 Not Found If the contact preference category with the given name was not found.