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Get Mailings By Subject

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Returns a page of mailings in the account that match the given subject

GET https://api.maileon.com/1.0/mailings/filter/subject


Parameter Default Description
subject This is the (part of) the subject the mailings need to match.
subjectOp This is the string operator for the creator name. Valid are: containsequalsstarts_withends_with
fields This list contains the fields that shall be returned with the result. If this list is empty, only the IDs will be returned. Valid fields are: statetypename, and scheduleTime
page_size 100 The maximum count of items in the result page. If provided, the value of page_size must be in the range 1 to 1000.
page_index 1 The index of the result page. The index must be greater or equal to 1.
orderBy id This field can be used to change the order field. Allowed values are: is, state, name, and schedule_time.
order ASC This field sets the order direction, by default this is set to an ascending order.


GET https://api.maileon.com/1.0/mailings/filter/subject?page_index=1&page_size=2&fields=state&fields=type&fields=name&fields=scheduleTime&subject=News&subjectOp=starts_with
Content-type: application/vnd.maileon.api+xml
Accept: application/vnd.maileon.api+xml; charset=utf-8
Authorization: [XXX]

Status: 200 OK
Content-Type: application/vnd.maileon.api+xml
Link: <https://api.maileon.com/1.0/mailings/filter/subject?page_index=1&page_size=2&fields=state&fields=type&fields=name&fields=scheduleTime&subject=News&subjectOp=starts_with>; rel="start"
X-Items: 1
X-Pages: 1

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <value>Newsletter August</value>
        <value nil="true"/>