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Get a List of Mailing Domains

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Get a List of Mailing Domains

GET https://ap.maileon.com/partner/newsletter-accounts/{accountId}/mailing-domains/

Description: Returns the list of Mailing Domains added to the given account. Inactive domains are still working, i.e. trackers, images, etc. continue to work but the domains are not selectable in UI.

– key: apikey
– nl_account_id: int // the id of the newsletter account

– []:
o name: string
o status: {‘active’, ‘inactive’}
o createdTime *: iso8601datetime
o if status = ‘active’
▪ http_reachable: boolean
▪ https_reachable: boolean


"name": "codeexample.e-mailnews.de",
"createdTime": "2022-09-09T14:43:30+02:00",
"status": "inactive"
"https_reachable": false,
"name": "codeexample2.e-mailnews.de",
"createdTime": "2022-09-09T14:58:50+02:00",
"http_reachable": true,
"status": "active"
"name": " codeexample3.maileon.de",
"createdTime": "2022-06-24T18:49:12+02:00",
"status": "inactive"