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Add an Account-Creation Job

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Add an Account-Creation Job

POST https://api.maileon.com/partner/account-jobs

Please be aware, that creating an account takes approximately 2-3 minutes (might be longer during queuing mechanisms) and adding account creation jobs is limited to one job every 10 seconds.
– key: apikey

– customerAccountId*: int
– customerAccountName*: string
– newsletterAccountName: string
– customDomain*: string
– If custom domain and subdomain shall be used, this parameter should be set and providedDomain and subdomain should be left empty. The entry could look like this: newsletter.someCustomersDomain.com
– providedDomain*: string
– If one of XQueues provided domains should be used (see resource gor getting available domains) it must be set with this parameter and customDomain must be empty. Make sure to set your subdomain, too.
– subdomain*: string
– If one of XQueues provided domains is used a subdomain must be set, e.g. news or nl. Layered subdomains like my.news are not allowed.
– domainAsLogin*: boolean
– locale: string
– type: enum {‚production‘, ‚demo‘, blocked}
– author: string
– customDns: boolean
– Optional parameter that indicates if the account uses normal NS forwarded mails of it the customer has set up A, MX, etc. records manually
– accountTemplateId: optional numeric field if specified, a corresponding account template will be set in the newly created account
– users: optional list of Users {„email“:“max.mustermann@xqueue.com“, „firstname“:“Max“, „lastname“:“Mustermann“} if used, these users will be created as new users in the account and the corresponding logins will be sent to them.

Example 1:

– use existing customer account
– use a provided domain (from GET …/domains)

"customerAccountId": 123,
"newsletterAccountName": "My New Account",
"providedDomain": "maileon.de",
"subdomain": "mynewaccount", // resulting domain= mynewaccount.maileon.de
"domainAsLogin": true, // default is false
"locale": "de_DE", // to be selected from the results of GET …/locales
"type": "demo",
"author": "user@xqueue.com"

Example 2:

– create a new customer account and a new newsletter account
– use custom domain

"customerAccountName": "My New Customer Account",
"newsletterAccountName": "My New Account",
"customDomain": "mynewaccount.mydomain",
"locale": "de_DE",
"type": "demo",
"author": "user@xqueue.com"


– jobId: int


{"jobId": 123}


– missing key parameter
– api key is not valid (does not exist or expired)
– ip not whitelisted: …
– ip blacklisted: …
– try again at … (rate limiting)
– illegal customerAccountName (syntax)
– customerAccountName already exists
– illegal newsletterAccountName (syntax)
– newsletterAccountName already exists
– domain already exists: …
– illegal domain (syntax)
– no such locale: …
– illegal json entity (json syntax)
– customerAccountId must be >=
– a customerAccountName value is required (when customerAccountId ist not provided or 0)
– a newsletterAccountName value is required
– bad ‚type‘ value (expects one of ‚production‘ or ‚demo‘)
– author is required
– use either customDomain or subdomain and providedDomain