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WordPress Plugin – Sidebar Widget

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The sidebar widget can be added and customized like any other widget by dragging it from the list of available widgets to the position, you want it to be in (depends on theme) inside „Appearance“ -> „Widgets“.

The title and submit button text can be changed in the widget settings and it uses the confirmation messages from the general plugin settings. By default only an email field is shown but you can load a different template.

A suggestion for a sidebar template with fields firstname, firstname, working with ADC is:

<div class="maileon_contact_form_container">
<div class="et_pb_contact">
   <div id="xq_sidebar_message"></div>
   <form id="xq_nl_sidebar_form" class="et_pb_contact_form clearfix" method="post" action="<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>">
      <div class="et_pb_contact_left">
         <p class="clearfix">
            <label id="maileon_contact_form_firstname_label" class="et_pb_contact_form_label">
            <?php _e( get_option( 'label_firstname' ) ? : 'firstname', 'xq_maileon') ?>
            <br />
            <input id="maileon_contact_form_firstname" type="text" class="input et_pb_contact_name" value="<?= (!empty($_POST['standard_FIRSTNAME']))?$_POST['standard_FIRSTNAME']:""; ?>" name="standard_FIRSTNAME"> 
         <p class="clearfix"> <label id="maileon_contact_form_lastname_label" class="et_pb_contact_form_label"><?php _e( get_option( 'label_lastname' ) ? : 'lastname', 'xq_maileon') ?></label><br /> <input id="maileon_contact_form_lastname" type="text" class="input et_pb_contact_name" value="<?= (!empty($_POST['standard_LASTNAME']))?$_POST['standard_LASTNAME']:""; ?>" name="standard_LASTNAME"> </p>
         <p class="clearfix"> <label id="maileon_contact_form_email_label" class="et_pb_contact_form_label"><?php _e(get_option( 'label_email' ) ? : 'E-Mail', 'xq_maileon') ?></label> 
         <div id="adc_status_icon" class="adc_status_icon_invalid">&nbsp;</div>
         <input id="maileon_contact_form_email" type="email" class="input et_pb_contact_email" value="<?= (!empty($_POST['email']))?$_POST['email']:""; ?>" name="email" required="true"> </p> <span id="adc_error_message" style="display: none;"><?php _e('E-Mail is maybe invalid.', 'xq_maileon') ?></span> </p> 
         <p id="adc_error_image" class="clearfix" style="display: none;"> </p>
         <?php echo $captcha ?> 
         <p class="clearfix"> <label id="maileon_contact_form_privacy_label" style="font-weight:normal;"><input id="maileon_contact_form_privacy" name="privacy" value="true" type="checkbox" required="true"> &nbsp; <?php printf(__('I have taken notice of the %s privacy declaration %s of %s.', 'xq_maileon'), '<a href="'.__(get_option( 'PRIVACY_PAGE' ), 'xq_maileon').'" target="_blank">', '</a>', 'XQueue GmbH'); ?> </label><br /> <label id="maileon_contact_form_tracking_label" style="font-weight:normal;"><input id="maileon_contact_form_tracking" name="doiplus" value="true" type="checkbox"> &nbsp; <?php _e(' I agree with the newsletter tracking in order to optimize personal content.', 'xq_maileon') ?></label> </p>
      <!-- .et_pb_contact_left --> <?php if (!empty($message)) { echo "<p class=\"maileon_warning clearfix\">"; printf(__('Please fill the form correctly: %s','xq_maileon'), $message); echo "</p>"; } ?> <input id="maileon_contact_form_button" type="submit" value="<?php _e(get_option( 'label_submit' ) ? : 'Submit', 'xq_maileon') ?>" class="et_pb_contact_submit">